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Optimization Results: 20+ Keyphrases

EMRA, Inc was an interesting client, we had no idea the private investigator industry was so competitive. Needless to say, we were able to get him very impressive rankings.

Optimization Results: 50+ Keyphrases

Working with Diamond Community Services was certainly nice, but not our most difficult endeavor.  We felt particularly compelled to share this story though because it was a definite first.  Normally when you do search engine optimization a list of key phrases are given to you and you start getting to work with your client's marketing you can expect about a month waiting time before you start seeing some real results.  We saw these results in less than three weeks, and nailed EVERY key phrase he wanted to be found for.  Every one of them.  Truly spectacular.

Optimization Results: 50+ Keyphrases

It would have taken me to long to post all the results I got him, which is a good thing.  Michael Handwerk Photography's probably one of my best success stories yet.  In three months I was able to get him ranked for over 200 keyphrases with towns, zip codes and even counties included.  I brought him a lot of business.  You can check the screenshots below of the search results I got him if you don't want to Google yourself.
Optimization Results: 40+ Keyphrases

Simplified Internet had amazing success in a very short time with Valley Forge Eye Care.  She started off showing up for virtually nothing in Google, Yahoo and Bing.  She contacted us with her issue and withing 2 months we had Dr. Burgess showing up for over 50 key-phrases.  The best part is, only a 3 month job.  After three months we never touched the website again.  This was three years ago and her rankings are still phenomenal.
Optimized Keyphrases: 30+

Beacon of Life Chiropractic was a brand new chiropractor firm in the area and needed help getting recognized.  I had them ranking for over thirty keyphrases in 20 different towns and zip codes within one month.  I have included snapshots of their current rankings to this day below.  

These are some of the many companies we've optimized in the past.

They all started off with a simple web anlaysis to find out why they're not showing up in Google, yahoo and Bing and we moved on from there.

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