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Pay Per Click

Google and Bing's pay-per click programs allow you to pay for traffic to your website immediately. Keyword research and selection, plus price bidding are important factoring in getting you the best ROI

There are basically two networks you can run your campaigns on.

  1. Search Network – This is where your ads can show up on (and other search engines that partner with Google) when someone does a keyword search.
  2. Display Network – This is where your ads can show up on 1000s of potential websites in the Google Display Network that display Google ads on them.

Match types are a big deal in Google Search campaigns. The match types of your keywords determine what search terms your ads are eligible to appear for.

Here are the 4 main match types…

1. Exact Match – This is where your keyword has to match the search query someone types into Google exactly. So if your keyword is ‘underwater bowling’, the only time your ad can appear is when someone types ‘underwater bowling’ verbatim in Google.

2. Phrase Match – This is where your keyword has to appear in the same order it’s typed in the search query in order for your ad to appear.

So if ‘underwater bowling’ is phrase match in your campaign, you could match for search queries like:

This is for those of you running (or planning to run) Display Network campaigns.

Depending on your niche, the Display Network has the potential to drive a lot more traffic and conversions than a Search campaign.

And there are a number of different ways to target people on the Display Network as well including:

  • Topic Targeting
  • Interest Targeting
  • Contextual Targeting (keyword targeting)

Let’s use Topic Targeting as an example. With Topic Targeting, you can run ads on web pages that are related to the topic categories and/or subcategories you select (you have over 1700 to choose from).

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